welcome to wiben... stop machined metal supplier

Since 1995 we have been working for our clients in Europe, delivering a wide range of metal machined products in best quality and at competitive price

benefits we offer

working long term with our customers we guarantee  the following benefits


sound communication throughout the project with all necessary reports and on time information


short deadlines or small orders are welcome, we understand the volatility of the client needs

price and quality

we work to the highest industry standards with a level of pricing competitive in our region 

our offer / metal

machined metal products

we are expanding our production and finishing capabilities. we also co-operate with various workshops in our region to increase technical capability and manage workload if deadlines are tight.

our offer / castings


castings can be in various materials. small batches are welcome. patterns are made in requested technology and can be stored with us at no expense for future projects. for finishing and testsing please read more

our offer / finishing

finishing / painting

all items can be finished in a requested standard including surface pre-treatment


who we are

since 1995 we have been working for our clients in Europe, delivering a wide range of industrial metal products. We have learnt a lot and expanded during these 25 years.

we work for medium sized businesses across Europe. we deliver industrial metal products strictly in accordance with specifications provided by our clients. our production is based on a wide range workshops having with different technical possibilities. this allows us to meet the quality, price and delivery date expected by our client.

we have been trusted by a big group of customers. we have had the pleasure to co-operate with them for many years, with the clients as well as the suppliers.

we do hope you will join them. 

contact us
tel: +48501270220

ul. Kisielewskiego 46
31-711 Kraków / Poland